MJ&Cie values and principles of the leading family office organizations


In addition to embracing the values and principles of the leading family office organizations to which MJ&Cie belongs, we remain true to our core commitments:

• Long-term focus
We offer a structure that can support you over the very long term.

• Transparency
We provide you with full transparency, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.

• Diligence
We carry out each assignment in compliance with specific procedures.

• Resources
We give you access to highly qualified professionals backed by powerful technology and tried-and-tested processes.


MJ&Cie is a socially responsible family office. We aim to ensure that everything we do is aligned with the principles of the UN Global Compact and everyone at MJ&Cie is committed to making that happen. Staff fulfilment and internal stability are key to a sustainable business.

• Philanthropy
MJ&Cie supports good causes through its staff-run Philanthropy Committee, fully embracing its commitment to giving back to society. Its initiatives are aimed at promoting sustainable organizations and individual autonomy. The committee assesses their impact each year.

Our Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) approach, which we apply to our investment advisory services, rounds out our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Ethics, responsability and indépendence of MJ&Cie Multi Family Office


MJ&Cie’s is exclusively owned by our Partners.

MJ&Cie’s revenue model is fully transparent: all our earnings derive from our client fees.

At MJ&Cie, we aim to provide completely objective advisory services: we organize, coordinate, supervise and oversee – but we do not manage assets ourselves.

MJ&Cie does not distribute any products and has no ties to any service providers, which are systematically selected through calls for proposals.