Family Office Pioneer

Multi-single family office
MJ&Cie is France’s premier multi-family office. We received the accolade of European Family Office of the Year in 2009 and have been ranked among France’s top family offices since 2015.

MJ&Cie was a real pioneer when it was founded in 2001, and we remain a gold standard for innovation in our field.

We are a trailblazing multi-single-family office delivering premium advisory services.

Multi-single family because at MJ&Cie, each of our clients is unique and deserves individually tailored support.

MJ&Cie: An elite partner for elite families.

MJ&Cie: An elite partner for elite families.

MJ&Cie takes a quality-focused long-term approach to delivering services and providing solutions for a select number of clients.

At MJ&Cie, we advise our clients, implement solutions and provide ongoing support. Each client has a single point of contact and enjoys comprehensive, exclusive and personalized support that is fully aligned with their interests.

We believe that the technical and material support we offer you would not be complete without our human touch.