Corporate Advisory

NSC Advisor, Corporate Advisory subsidiary of MJ&Cie based in Geneva

MJ&Cie Group now offers “Corporate Advisory” services through its subsidiary NSC Advisor

NSC Advisor, the Corporate Advisory subsidiary of MJ&Cie based in Switzerland
Firmly international and based in Geneva, the new subsidiary caters to family businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It offers an independent support which encompasses analysis of strategic development projects, financial and investment advisory, the search and introduction to financial partners, as well as the handling of banking relationships.

Additionally, NSC Advisor helps managing real estate investment projects.

Led by Alexandre Nahas, Partner with over 20 years of experience, NSC Advisor keeps with MJ&Cie’s high standards that have made the group’s reputation. NSC Advisor backs its consultancy services with a rigorous and trusted methodology, to stay fully aligned with its clients’ interests:
. Thorough assessment of needs
. Reports based on harmonized models
. Transparent process for researching service providers
. Independent and transparent remuneration
. Long-term support

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