Family wealth

Family wealth by MJ & Cie

Family wealth cannot be sustained without human capital, values, purpose and accountability.

MJ&Cie helps prepare younger generations and promote family harmony: both key aspects of sustainable wealth management. Technical expertise is one of MJ&Cie’s strengths; another is our humanity and respect. By listening attentively to our clients and working to understand their needs – fundamental components of any successful relationship – we are able to build genuinely personalized working relationships.

Sharing and communicating with multiple generations is an essential component of this support. MJ&Cie team, itself multi-generational, is careful to maintain the ties between generations. While respecting each person’s individuality, MJ&Cie unites families around a shared set of collective or individual values and long-term strategies. 

MJ&Cie develops governance maps for each of its clients, making it possible to provide extensive, tailored family support.

Either in-house or drawing on external resources, MJ&Cie involves all family members in its planning process:
• Education and training for younger generations
• Family training and seminars

With the help of specialists, MJ&Cie brings together the expertise needed to help families find an appropriate way of working:
• Family governance and charters
• Mediation

Nonprofit initiatives often help form powerful bonds within families. As a company committed to a responsible approach, MJ&Cie helps clients realize their personal projects:
• Philanthropy
• Cultural patronage

Strengthening cross-generational transitions.

Strengthening cross-generational ties is critical to facilitating smooth transitions.

MJ&Cie supports upcoming generations as they become the custodians not only of their families’ material wealth but also of their values. Shareholdings, estate management, business administration, family and corporate culture… We are committed to preparing the young people of today for their future responsibilities.
By doing so, we ensure continuity, helping families grow their wealth as well as their business.

MJ&Cie gets younger generations more involved and ready to become leaders by:• Making them aware of challenges relating to family wealth
• Encouraging them to participate in group or individual training programs
• Involving them in the family’s decision-making processes
• Helping them contribute to nonprofit projects
• Supporting them with their personal career plans