What we do

Coordination and wealth planning

MJ & Cie conducts a symphony of services, providing families with a convenient “control center”.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and broad outlook. These qualities enable us to work effectively with specialists in different fields from around the world to meet our clients’ needs.

For complex wealth structuring and transmission operations, we combine our expertise with that of specialists such as notaries, lawyers, tax law specialists, chartered accountants, fiduciaries and bankers. In the midst of all this, we drive action, pool information, coordinate operations, and ensure successful execution within budget.

Independence is our golden rule.

That is why we insist on remaining completely independent. We follow an impartial selection process of service providers, sometimes through a auction process. In order to work well together, we need to be able to monitor and guide them.

Our keys to success are: regular monitoring, ongoing dialogue, and rigorous reporting.

Investments and reporting

Our role is not to manage assets,

But to advise, organize and supervise.

Our team members have a broad range of skills and provide services for all asset classes and investment strategies:

  • listed assets and portfolios
  • unlisted assets (private equity, other unlisted securities, family firms)
  • real estate, property and agricultural assets (vineyards, forests, rare earths, etc.)
  • art and collectibles

Our independent consolidation platform provides each client with with a personalised report and summary of their assets and liabilities.

This strategic dashboard ensures effective monitoring, and allows us to produce instantaneous overviews of a family’s wealth and their detailed asset-base.

Quantitative analysis and monitoring of specific constraints enable us to reassess risks and performance on a regular basis.

Family and business

Our objective is to bring each family together around a shared set of values, plans and long term strategies.

Like our clients, we understand the importance of family, and of respecting individuality. There is no better way to contribute the sustainability and growth of wealth.

We actively seek to foster family harmony in every way possible, through:

  • family governance and charters
  • mediation
  • philanthropy and patronage

MJ & Cie also makes a point of facilitating smooth transitions and strengthening cross-generational ties.

We stand ready to assist each upcoming generation as they become the custodian not only of their families’ material wealth, but of their values as well. Shareholding, estate management, business administration, upholding corporate and family culture: such are the responsibilities for which we endeavor to prepare future generations.

By doing so, we ensure continuity and, in many cases, help families grow their wealth as well as their business.

We get the younger generations more involved and ready to become leaders, by:

  • encouraging them to participate in group or individual training programs
  • bringing them in on the family’s decision making processes
  • helping them participate in non-profit projects
  • providing them with personalized career guidance

Current life and administrative support

We make families’ lives easier with our comprehensive private secretary service.

We handle all day-to-day administrative concerns : insurance for people and property, bookkeeping and treasury operations, property management monitoring, family business administration, mail, human resources, concierge services and secure digital data storage.