Our values


We believe in full transparency. In accordance with the highest professional standards, our only source of revenue is the fees paid by our clients.

MJ & Cie does not distribute any products, manage any funds, or hold any interests in any of the companies that it puts to work for its clients.

Our capital is exclusively controlled by our partners. This complete freedom from external influence or control of any sort is how we offer families an impartial, forthright perspective. It is also how we maintain trust and keep our interests in line with theirs.

A strong business ethic

Our clients’ trust is our biggest asset. It is built on a solid code of ethics and professional conduct that MJ & Cie has adhered to since the company was founded in 2001.
MJ & Cie is a member of the AFFO (French Association of Family Offices), in which it plays an active role. We apply and promote the AFFO charter, with its guiding values of integrity, commitment and confidentiality.


We work only with the best. Knowing that our clients require superb support and guidance every step of the way, we consistently avail ourselves of the strongest resources available – that includes people and technology. We also insist on maintaining a robust organisational structure that prevents any conflicts of interest.

A broad outlook

MJ & Cie has offices in Paris and Geneva, and is a founding member of the ENFO (European Network of Family Offices). The ENFO is Europe’s largest consortium of family offices, with members in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Its members share the same high standards of rigor, independence and transparency.