Our clients

MJ & CIE brand

In choosing us, families will have a partner who works to align interests in a long-term strategy. A partner whose work reflects the highest standards, which prides itself on client service, creativity, excellence, selectivity, trust and  its international reputation.

From our offices in Paris and Geneva, we serve a client base of French and international families with interests on several continents. Our clients value our international background, and our ability to assist them across a diverse range of situations.

Wealth in diversity

Each of our clients is unique, but they all have one thing in common: high standards.

Ultra high net worth families want a trustworthy partner to guide them in arranging and monitoring their affairs. MJ & Cie takes a true hands on approach, aggregating input from specialists and providing a one stop shop for reliable, expert advice.

Sophisticated international investors seeking a world class partner need look no further than MJ & Cie. For them, Europe (including France) is not only a good place to invest in real estate, equity and other portfolios; it is also a preferred leisure destination. The client feels comfortable whilst we look after their affairs, always keeping in mind any regulatory or legal constraints of their home country.

Entrepreneurs need to know their wealth is in good hands. We accompany them as they build their estate, and – perhaps more importantly – we are there when they pass it on to the next generation. In addition to our wealth management services, we help business owners prepare their successors for the responsibilities to come. This means a focus on support, education and training.

Shareholder families grow over time. With each new generation, family members’ expectations evolve and may sometimes diverge. We help them put together the resources they need, based on a set of shared values, to foster harmony and cohesion. This is where family governance, philanthropy and mediation come to the forefront.

Charities, foundations, trusts and non-profit organizations are vital participants in the global economy. They often hold considerable assets and receive large bequests or donations, which they are responsible for preserving and growing in the long term. We use our extensive expertise to independently help them to achieve this, supported with conviction by a strong knowledge of the resources we have at our disposal.