How we work

Developping client intimacy

Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes.

We are interested in building long term relationships with families spanning several generations. That is why we hold listening to their needs, regular communication and  maintaining confidentiality in such high regard. These efforts are just as important as our technical expertise and attention to detail.

The close relationships we have with our clients help us to better anticipate and prepare for family developments.
Coupled with our emphasis on impartial analysis and decision making, these qualities are what make our advice worth hearing, and trusting.

Showing creativity and responsiveness

We believe in being mobile, flexible and open to change.

We keep our ear to the ground and our eyes peeled for innovative ideas. We are curious, independently-minded, and backed by the best in the field. We pride ourselves on knowing how to spot original, effective solutions.

We do not limit ourselves to any single geographic area, methodology or time horizon.

Being thorough and resourceful

Each family that we work with is assigned specific contacts within the organization.

Every project that we undertake is structured like clockwork to ensure quality and traceability.

Our clients enjoy all the benefits of a highly developed IT infrastructure that consolidates and monitors their assets, while also archiving all the information each family needs.

We offer the best of the best in terms of technology, confidentiality, and sustainability.