About us

International expertise with a French touch

MJ & Cie is France’s multi-family office par excellence. Since setting up in 2001 as the first national independent MFO, we have set the standard for professionalism and strong business ethics.

Clients come to us because they respect our values, as well as our technical expertise and practical know-how. Our relationships are built over the long-term, on a foundation of mutual trust, family values, and tangible results.

We aim to serve by providing world-class expertise on a human scale. Our team members’ diverse backgrounds and skill sets make for the perfect blend of homegrown creativity and global scope.

A human approach to strategic decision making

MJ & Cie is neither a consulting firm nor a private bank. Rather than adopting a “one size fits all” mentality, we customize our services to fit each client’s own long term strategic needs.

But being a good family officer requires more than just having the necessary technical expertise. It is also about acting as a client’s trusted advisor – understanding their family environment, listening carefully, and chiming in tactfully when the time is right.

We like to make sure that family members are on the same wavelength. That is why we approach strategic decisions from both the technical and the human side, keeping the big picture in focus without losing sight of each individual’s concerns. We believe very strongly that everything we do, in the end, is about people.

Gathering excellence

We coordinate input from external experts for each of our clients. Regular consulting is supplemented by reaching out to banks, wealth managers, notaries, lawyers and other intermediaries.
MJ & Cie orchestrates an array of services, seeking out expertise and combining resources to deliver long-term results.

Monitoring risk

Legal and tax issues, investments, administrative formalities, family decision-making – all of these require a thorough assessment of the risks at hand. Because every family is different, our team of experts works with them to make sure that risk is always effectively monitored.

We also have our own special tools for tracking and valuing investments independently.

This resources and our approach contribute to our objective in the long-term of value creation accross generations.